Egroup88 VIP Club Profile
1. VIP Egroup88 International Member Services is in accordance with the company's overall business strategy and the development of an important customer service program. The membership is based on the deposit amount for division-level standards.

2. When you become the Egroup88 International VIP clients, you can enjoy the lifetime benefits and service.

3. You can visit our site "Promotion” to know more about exclusive offers of VIP customers. You can also contact VIP account manager for more information about VIP customer exclusive rights.


4. Every VIP level have different Membership Qualification requirement, once the member reaches the corresponding points, the system automatically upgrade without applications and all level is PERMANENT.

5. Once level upgraded, Minimum Membership Qualification Epoint must remain in the account, it cannot use to redeem chip.

6. Members may check the points and chips redemption T&C at "Redeem Corner" page.

Dear all our valued customers, please take note that Egroup88 do not have any Telegram account, if you found any named Egroup88 in Telegram, it is not representing by EGROUP88, Thank you!