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  • Who is Easybet88?

    Easybet88 Ltd is an established international online betting company in the Philippines. The company has many years of industry experience and strong technical strength of the background. In order to facilitate services to customers in Asia, Easybet88 access to the operating license issued by the Philippines. "EasyBet EasyWin" is our business objectives!

    At Easybet88, we have a simple vision to provide all our customers gaming entertainment of premium quality and at exceptionally good value.

    Great Choice
    We provide our members with  LIVE CASINO, & coming soon 4D Games and LIVE SPORTBOOK. We have the best odds, lowest 5 points spread and offer live sports betting across the world including English Premier League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, NBA.

    We are the first to offer Live betting up to 44 minutes for 1st half and 90 minutes for 2nd half.

    Better Value
    We are committed to providing you the best value in whatever your game may be. Whether you believe you have the knowledge to predict the correct outcome of your favorite sports - you'll find the very best value at Easybet88.

  • Is it safe to bet at EasyBet88?

    We provide safe gambling with powerful technology and strict security management.

    We will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless required to do so by applicable laws and regulations or a court order. We reserve the right to disclose and transfer your personal data to our respective payment settlement service providers and financial institutions to the extent necessary for the completion of payments for services provided through our website. All deposits are regarded as trading account and the transaction data won't be revealed.

    All personal information supplied by users is transmitted via Secure Socket (SSL 128 bit encryption Standard) and stored in secure operating environments that are not accessible by the public. Internal access to all data is limited and strictly monitored.

  • Is online gambling legal?
    Players of the casino must be of a minimum 18 years of age. Different jurisdictions carry varying rules pertaining to internet gambling. It is the player's responsibility to ensure, before signing up at the casino and agreeing to these terms and conditions, that they are not violating any rules in the jurisdiction in which they live.
  • Do I have to pay gambling taxes?
    No, it is totally tax free to gamble at easybet88.
  • Is there any limitation on age to bet at easybet88?
    Players of the casino must be of a minimum 18 years of age.
  • How to deposit?

    Please click "Deposit" on upper right of our web site, and follow the step to fill in your deposit amount and you are advice to active your online banking account before proceed to deposit, it's will take 5 ~ 15 minute with online bank transfer.

  • Any charges on Deposit?

    No, no any charges needed.

  • The minimum deposit amount?
    The minimum deposit amount will be MYR 25 or any same value currency.
  • How long i can get my credit after deposit?
    Once you submit the deposit information form, your account will be credited within 30 minutes. (Usually just take 5 minutes.)
  • The maximum deposit limit?

    Max deposit limit per day per client is MYR 50,000 or others same value currency.

  • What deposit method do you provide

    We are  supporting Local Bank Transfer deposit method, Malaysia Banking Berhad(Maybank) and CIMB Bank.

  • How to withdrawal?

    Sertakan pengeluaran anda dengan klik "PENGELUARAN" di sebelah kanan atas laman web kami, sila isikan butir-butir anda yang betul dan kami akan meneruskannya dengan secepat mungkin.

  • How long will be take on withdrawal?

    Within 3 hours, and we support 24/7 will proceed daily even public holiday or weekend.

  • Do I have to pay process fee for deposit/withdrawal?
    No, it is totally free.  Easybet88 will bear the bank charges.
  • Minimum and maximum amount for withdrawal?

    The minimum withdrawal per day per client is MYR50; maximum withdrawal limit is MYR 50,000 or others same value currency


  • How much is the minimum bet amount?
    Please refer to the limit which shown in each game.
  • How much is the maximum bet amount?
    Please refer to the limit which shown in each game.
  • Why is my account locked?
    To guarantee the security of your account, if you input invalid password for three times continuously, your account will be locked for half an hour. You can log in after unlocking.
  • Forgot password?
    If you forget your password, go to the login page of the website and enter the email address you used to create your EasyBet88 account into the ‘email’ text box, select your security question and fill up the answer, then click on the ‘forgot password’.
  • How to change the password?

    Please visit the website and entered the "Account Services" in the "Edit information" pages "Change Password" button.

  • How to change the personal information?
    Please visit the website and entered the "Account Services" in the "Edit information" pages "account information" can be modified to note that through this function, only allows you to modify the "Contact Phone" information.
  • What is the minimum requirement of system configuration?
    The webpage we design will provide new browser service, making your gambling more interesting. Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher version browser is recommended.
  • Inactivity alert message
    If you have no activity within certain time, your account will be sign-out automatically. To ensure security, the server will cut off your connection automatically. To continue using your account, you need to re-login.
  • Is it necessary to clear Internet cache?

    If you can't browse new web or latest web, and only same or old pages are displayed, it means that the memory is full. The frequent operation of IE and Netscape will cause cache. Follow the procedure below to solve this problem (for IE5.0 or higher version browser):

    Right click the browser icon.

    Click "Internet Properties".

    Select "Delete all offline content" in "Delete Files".

    Close the browser and start it again.

    It will clear the cache, but won't clear Cookies and important program files.